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What CAN Be!

Vision is the ability to see what others can’t. Imagine the unimaginable! Problem solve obstacles that would make others cower and quiver!! This dazzling May wedding could have been just that (a cringe worthy idea) had it not been for the vision of the bride. She saw the potential in a somewhat harsh Georgia cow pasture.

By problem solving: no electricity (and or lights);  no running water; no restroom facilities, she bypassed what most would have seen as impossible hurdles. State of the art restrooms were brought in to allow guests the comforts of (um) home. Multiple generators were brought in to provide the much needed electricity for cooling the restrooms as well as providing “juice” for the cafe lighting strung above the reception. There were many stumbling blocks but each were met with determination and vision. In the end, what began as a disheveled home for cows, became a magical setting […]

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Country Chic Cocktail Hour

This portion of your event does not have to be a budget breaker. With planning and style, you can set up the perfect cocktail hour. First, decide whether you will serve alcohol, (wine and beer) or just refreshing libations. Second, choose which finger foods will be easiest to serve to your guests. Some examples might be shrimp cocktail, sliders, or a themed food station. Third, will you hire servers, or secure the help of trusted family and friends to keep food stations stocked.

You may also want to consider games at your cocktail hour. This will give guests a fun distraction while waiting for you and the wedding party to return. The always popular corn hole, horse shoes, or ring toss are just a few.

With minimal planning and execution, you can provide your guests with a cocktail hour experience that they will be dazzled by!

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DIY Flowers You Can Master!

There is no arguing that flowers make an event! While I won’t deny that baby’s breath is a great filler, I don’t believe it should be the stand alone “flowers” at an event. With wholesale flower markets conveniently popping up all over, creating your own flower arrangements is a great way to stay within the limits of your wedding budget.

Here are a DIY idea that will make your event a stand out! Shared from


Wooden vase (this one comes with a plastic liner, which you’ll need)


Silver Dollar Eucalyptus (5-10 stems)
White Hydrangea (2 stems)
Pink or Champagne Alstroemeria (3 stems)
Dark Pink Spray Rose (2 stems)

For complete directions visit:

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Pepper Sprout Barn

Being part of styled shoots is one of the highlights of our business. It gives us the opportunity to see other’s visions using our pieces and how they fit into their design scheme. I am always amazed by the diverse and yet awesome styles from shoot to shoot. The angle a photographer chooses or the way a designer places an accent pieces depicts the designer’s eye. Fascinating!

Here are a few pics from this past Fridays shoot at Pepper Sprout Barn in Jenkinsburg, Ga.. The talented photographs are by Taken By Tate and the styling is by  Kristi Moore (OH Happy Day)

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Family Style Serving!

One big Spring trend for 2016 is family style serving and interactive food stations. Whether you are a true “foodie” or you just love the sense of closeness and community that comes with sitting down and passing the plate, the foodie movement has definitely made its way onto the wedding menu. Playful family-styled dining lends itself to a close knit event with warm smiles and old fashioned good manners: “Pass the rolls, please!” Cocktail hour can include signature libations. Complimentary appetizer stations might include a make your own salad or anti pasta bar.

The beauty of this movement is that you can create an affair that is far removed from the long ago hotel ballroom fish or chicken menu offered to brides for their event. Your guests will long remember the sweet smells, savory tastes, and signature drink mixes that you offer  that will more than fill their bellies. Those experiences […]

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Kiss This Bachelorette Goodbye!

You’re the Maid of Honor and it’s your responsibility to throw your BFF a fabulous soiree’ ! The problem is, you don’t know where to start. Sure you’ve attended parties and even had small get togethers, but this is so much more. You want your bestie to feel special, loved, touched by the extra effort you put into planning her bridal shower.

Step 1: Making Choices

After you choose the date (conferring with your bride if it is not a surprise shower) Choose your venue, theme, menu, and time.  Each of these categories will influence the other. Popular venues include country clubs, wineries, restaurants, barn settings, or private homes (backyard settings can be quaint and secluded!) If you choose a restaurant or country club-you will be working off of their menu options. A home gives you the freedom to customize everything from decor to the menu to how long your event will […]

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Grab a Seat!

How am I going to fit all of my guests into this space?!! Table configuration can be a little like solving the old Rubik’s Cube. With banquet tables, your options are limitless.

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Tips for picking a venue

One of the benefits we get to enjoy being in the event/design/rental business is the pleasure of visiting and working with so many different venues. Although it may seem that the price of the venue is your biggest concern, there are several other factors a bride should consider.

One of the biggest factors should be whether or not you can envision your perfect wedding “shot” at the venue. These days we know it’s as much about the pictures as it is the actual event. So look around; can you find that perfect spot, or spots, that will be the setting for your forever photo?
Lighting is key if you plan on having an event that runs into the evening hours. One issue for us has been the amount of available electrical components to support adequate lighting installation. Ask if the venue can support additional wattage usage and if they have plenty of […]

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Ready, Set, Host!!!

The holidays are a fun and exciting time that evoke warm, fuzzy memories of childhood giddiness and remind us that we are all still childlike (at heart anyways). One of my favorite parts of the holiday season, apart from the pumpkin pie and fresh whipped cream, is the license to do over the top decorating for any occasion.

While decorating for the holiday season is fun, it doesn’t have to break the bank and take away from my gift budget. Use a few simple statement pieces; vintage ice skates,  a wooden sled, or maybe an old ladder! Use a lot of greenery-any variety that can be clipped or scavenged from the great outdoors. Pine cones picked up off of the ground are great fillers. And let’s not forget the twinkle lights that can be used any and everywhere! Just let your inner divine self shine!!!

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Let’s Have a Tea Party

Sometimes you just need to have a little fun and throw a whimsical tea party for no other

reason than to celebrate the little girl inside of you.

Follow along as we captured the details of our enchanted tea party.

All pieces pictures are available for rent in the Four Seasons inventory.

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-Michelle Ussery Cox Mahaffey-

We used Four Seasons for a Bridal Shower and Teresa was so awesome to work with. This company goes above and beyond to help make any special occasion beautiful for you! Their inventory is unbelievable and you can rent one thing to 100 things and they are so helpful!