Party Time

What CAN Be!

Vision is the ability to see what others can’t. Imagine the unimaginable! Problem solve obstacles that would make others cower and quiver!! This dazzling May wedding could have been just that (a cringe worthy idea) had it not been for the vision of the bride. She saw the potential in a somewhat harsh Georgia cow pasture.

By problem solving: no electricity (and or lights);  no running water; no restroom facilities, she bypassed what most would have seen as impossible hurdles. State of the art restrooms were brought in to allow guests the comforts of (um) home. Multiple generators were brought in to provide the much needed electricity for cooling the restrooms as well as providing “juice” for the cafe lighting strung above the reception. There were many stumbling blocks but each were met with determination and vision. In the end, what began as a disheveled home for cows, became a magical setting for an enchanting bride.

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-Michelle Ussery Cox Mahaffey-

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