Party Time

Kiss This Bachelorette Goodbye!

You’re the Maid of Honor and it’s your responsibility to throw your BFF a fabulous soiree’ ! The problem is, you don’t know where to start. Sure you’ve attended parties and even had small get togethers, but this is so much more. You want your bestie to feel special, loved, touched by the extra effort you put into planning her bridal shower.

Step 1: Making Choices

After you choose the date (conferring with your bride if it is not a surprise shower) Choose your venue, theme, menu, and time.  Each of these categories will influence the other. Popular venues include country clubs, wineries, restaurants, barn settings, or private homes (backyard settings can be quaint and secluded!) If you choose a restaurant or country club-you will be working off of their menu options. A home gives you the freedom to customize everything from decor to the menu to how long your event will last. In regards to the menu and time, plan your shower for brunch or lunch and have a length of at least four hours in mind.

Step 2: Planning

Don’t feel like you have to tackle every element of the shower. Things you will need to consider while planning might be decor design,seating,  menu planning and preparing, creating place cards, and creating a time line (key moments that must happen during the shower will help you tremendously!) Do you want to hire a professional photographer. Finding a rental company to provide your seating and other needs. Consult with a pro and pull in the rest of the bridal party to assist you.

Step 3: Games or no games?

Creating a ribbon bouquet for the bride from the pretty ribbons on the packages is a nice keepsake. Splitting into teams to wrap one willing guest member in a toilet paper bridal gown creation is always an opportunity for boisterous laughter. There are a vast number of options out there for bridal shower games. Games allow unfamiliar guests to make new acquaintances and feel part of the group if their only common link is the bride. Pinterest is a great resource! Leaving games to minimum, should you decide to incorporate, will allow all of the guests, including the bride, to relax and mingle.

Step 4: Invitations

Much like a wedding, plan on mailing your invitations at least 6-8 weeks prior to the shower. Make sure to include all of the basics on your invitations-time, date, location, RSVP info, and save the date. Don’t forget to include registry information (enclosing this on a separate card makes shopping even easier because it erases the fear of losing the invitation while you’re out and about).

Step 5: Preparation and Day Of

Make sure to confirm all of your plans and provide any additional details at least two weeks prior to your event if you hired any professionals and or if you are renting items-ie seating, decor or set up. Any DIY projects should be completed several days, or at least a week in advance (with the exception of food and flowers.) Have a rainy day back up plan if you are planning an outdoor event. You may want to reserve a tent. Finally, allow more time than you think you need for set up (rule of thumb: allow yourself two additional hours) If you finish early, that just means you have time for a mimosa and a victory dance!

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-Michelle Ussery Cox Mahaffey-

We used Four Seasons for a Bridal Shower and Teresa was so awesome to work with. This company goes above and beyond to help make any special occasion beautiful for you! Their inventory is unbelievable and you can rent one thing to 100 things and they are so helpful!