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Tips for picking a venue

One of the benefits we get to enjoy being in the event/design/rental business is the pleasure of visiting and working with so many different venues. Although it may seem that the price of the venue is your biggest concern, there are several other factors a bride should consider.

  • One of the biggest factors should be whether or not you can envision your perfect wedding “shot” at the venue. These days we know it’s as much about the pictures as it is the actual event. So look around; can you find that perfect spot, or spots, that will be the setting for your forever photo?
  • Lighting is key if you plan on having an event that runs into the evening hours. One issue for us has been the amount of available electrical components to support adequate lighting installation. Ask if the venue can support additional wattage usage and if they have plenty of electrical outlets or if they provide a generator.
  • Weather! We always hope, and pray, that our wedding day is going to be bathed in sunshine but that is not always the case. I have seen a massive amount of anxiety related to the weather and outside events. Does your venue have adequate covered space to accommodate your guests if inclement weather does arise. If not, do they provide tents or will you be responsible for securing a tent.

These are just a few questions that can help you narrow your search for the perfect venue. Remember, if all you have is an open field, Four Seasons will help you create a picture perfect wedding!

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-Michelle Ussery Cox Mahaffey-

We used Four Seasons for a Bridal Shower and Teresa was so awesome to work with. This company goes above and beyond to help make any special occasion beautiful for you! Their inventory is unbelievable and you can rent one thing to 100 things and they are so helpful!