Party Time

Ready, Set, Host!!!

The holidays are a fun and exciting time that evoke warm, fuzzy memories of childhood giddiness and remind us that we are all still childlike (at heart anyways). One of my favorite parts of the holiday season, apart from the pumpkin pie and fresh whipped cream, is the license to do over the top decorating for any occasion.

While decorating for the holiday season is fun, it doesn’t have to break the bank and take away from my gift budget. Use a few simple statement pieces; vintage ice skates,  a wooden sled, or maybe an old ladder! Use a lot of greenery-any variety that can be clipped or scavenged from the great outdoors. Pine cones picked up off of the ground are great fillers. And let’s not forget the twinkle lights that can be used any and everywhere! Just let your inner divine self shine!!!

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-Michelle Ussery Cox Mahaffey-

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